Workshop Questions for Consideration—Argumentative Research


  • Does the paper have a proper heading? Yes
  • Does the paper have a title? Yes
  • Does the paper include the writer’s last name and page number (top right corner)? Yes


  • Does the Intro hook the reader?  Is it engaging? Yes, I believe the first sentence of the essay is a really good attention getter, (for those that understand/know sports) it will get their attention forsure, especially because the situation about Alex Rodriquez’s steroid use was so dramatic!
  • Does it provide adequate context (sets up a problem/issue/situation)? Yes, Specifically about the use of PED within the UFC, and how they are not enforcing good enough regulations about them
  • Is the purpose of the paper clear in the Intro? Yes, the problem is stated right away, and the thesis shows what the paper is going to be about.
  • Does it set up clear expectations for the reader? yes

Thesis Statement

  • Is the Thesis clear and focused? Yes, it is clear. The body paragraphs focuses more on it.   
  • Does it contain 3-4 concepts? Yes, it contains 3 concepts
  • Does it take a stance on a debatable issue, provide direction for the paper, and set up expectations? Yes it does, someone can definitely argue a different point of view.
  • Does it avoid asking a question, stating a purpose, reciting a fact or simple topic? Yes it does avoid it, instead it argues a point that needs to be made/clear.

Body Paragraphs

  • Do the body paragraphs support the paper’s thesis? Yes, definitely.
  • Are they fully developed? They are developed enough where the reader has a good enough understand of what I am trying to prove.
  • Does each section make claims that can be verified? Yes
  • Are these claims supported with credible research? Yes, by proper quoting. And citations
  • Does the writer effectively quote and paraphrase from research sources? yes
  • Does the writer make clear connections that explain how the research supports his/her claims? This could be worked on a little bit more, the connections are there, but it isn’t rephrased back into the thesis to make it a strong point.
  • Does the writer use sound reasoning? Sure.
  • Are there smooth transitions, connecting each section together? The Transitions could also use a little bit of work, I would actually like it to have a more smoother transition to keep the readers engaged, and not get thrown off the “wagon”.


  • Does the writer identify and explore the opposition’s stance, providing evidence that refutes his/her argument? Yes, I’ve added a counterpoint to my argument so I am not being completely biased about my argument.
  • Does the writer identify logical fallacies and how they affect the opposition’s argument? No, not much of it, a lot of the information does not have a lot of fallacies, if at all.
  • Does the writer identify credibility or motivational issues that might affect the opposition’s argument? no


  • Does the conclusion avoid repeating topic sentences and other information that’s already been stated throughout the paper? Yes, too much repetition of phrases and sentences being repeated is not really a good paper.
  • Does the conclusion show how the paper achieved its purpose? Yes it does, Though the paper is not fully finished, it is set to have a good ending to this essay
  • Does it answer the “so what” question? (offers new solutions, function as a call to action, and/or propose common ground?) Yes, it does. There is a solution to this problem for sure.

Technical Requirements

  • Does the paper include at least 6 full pages of text (not including the Works Cited Page)? Not yet.
  • Does the writer use the most current MLA style? Yes
  • Does the writer use correct grammar and mechanics? Some grammer, but not much.
  • Is the research properly cited? Not yet, they are not done yet
  • Does all of the cited material correspond to entries on the Works Cited page? yes
  • Is the Works Cited page formatted properly? Not yet shown.
  • Does the writer use at least 5 credible sources? Yes, there are 5 credible sources, but not properly cited yet

TED Talk

  • What is the broad topic being discussed? 
    -The broad topic within this ted talk host of Elaine Lui speaks upon professional gossip of famous people.
  • What is(are) the narrower topic(s)?
    -The narrower topic is to “study social behaviors, culture, and humanity” of people/ourselves by the use of gossip
  • What problems/issues are identified that pertain to the topic?
    -Some issues that were being identified includes the example of how people 
  • What would you say is implied thesis, or what is the speaker arguing?
    - The speaker is trying to tell the audience that gossiping isn’t such a bad thing afterall, instead she claims that gossiping is is a part of academics, “gossip is anthropology, celebrity gossip is what exposes who we are, it is a reflection of modern human behavior”.
  • Who is the speaker (not her name, but her role/title) and what’s her stake in this argument?
    -She is someone who is trying to prove her audience by giving examples of celebrity gossip of different contents (marital convention, feminine progression, social violence, sexual orientation) and explaining to us how gossip isn’t always considered a bad thing, considering that our speaker is a professional celebrity gossiper.
  • Who is the intended audience (who is she trying to convince)?
    -Her intended audience are those who are too afraid to speak the truth about certain things, gossip is something that many of us were taught not to do, and she wants to explain to us that it is okay to gossip because it helps us learn about ourselves (social humanity) and it’s just another form of learning new information.
  • What are her broad subtopics used to support the thesis?
    - she uses a lot of celebrity examples to help support her thesis by explaining why a certain situation happens within a film, or within the lives of celebrities, and why they do the things that they do. 
  • Identify examples of where the speaker uses ethos, pathos, and logos. 
    -I can definitely see the speaker using alot of ethos in this ted talk because she provides a lot of background information on the characters in the movie Twilight, on behalf of that, she also goes on deeper into it, not just in the film, but about the celebrities themselves. They weren’t all good information about these celebrities but her examples help support her content of what she wants to get out to her audience.

Counter Thesis/Paragraph

The Ultimate Fighter Champion (UFC) does not promote the use of PED’s instead, they are trying to find better ways to restrict their system and prevent their fighters from using PED by conducting drug tests to fighters during their contract signings to make sure that their fighters are clean of illegal drugs. Understandably the sport is very brutal and many fighters get seriously injured, therefore as long as the UFC stays on top drug testing for their fighters, all fights and fighters should be clean, fun and exciting to watch. Dana White, President of the UFC stated that he would do any random drug testing to any one of his fighters at any given moment of any given time if they are being suspected of using illegal drugs. His statement clearly shows his frustration and irritation of reporters continuously asking questions in regards to the use of PED. As long as they continue to have some sort of regulation that restricts the use of PED, the UFC is not trying to promote the use of PEDs. 

What’s the purpose of higher education?

What’s the purpose of higher education?
Honestly, I’m starting to believe that higher education is a lie to the American people, I used to believe that when our American leaders, teachers, professors and supporters tell us that a higher education will bring me a more successful future, it really depends if it will or not. Job’s nowadays do not rely on a peice of paper that says your name on it with the word Bachleors on it, or Masters on it. Education is one thing, but experience is another. As employers search for workers, they would prefer their employee’s to have a higher education background but most of the time, it’s not necessary if they can find employees that have the experience that they need. For 1, it’s less training that the company has to do. 2. they can rely on a worker that knows alittle bit or a lot about what they are working within the company. and lastly __ Higher education is always going to be available but the competitiveness of entering your major and actually finding a job of your choosing(career) is something that is really hard to do. Especially in this era where jobs are really hard to find. One of the major benefits behind having higher education is money and I think that the only reason why higher education is available for us is to recieve more money.

Is a college education worth it?
- Higher Education is only worth it, if the funds are available to you. I don’t believe in making more money within a job just because I have a higher education. We can literally be dumbas*es in college and still recieve a degree. A degree will give you more opportunity to recieve more money, it doesn’t necessarily give you the job you want if the availabitlity isn’t there. I believe that hard work and experience means more than higher education because it’s what you do that counts and make a difference. For example, to become an auto mechanic, you don’t really need to read a book to learn how to do an oil change, instead, by actually doing it, and experiencing it within your own two hands and eyes, means much more than reading it and understanding how to do it. Whereas someone that has higher education might have a good job with alot of money because of the degree but may no nothing about changning oil on a car. (Something like that, It’s really hard for me to explain it in words)


Broad Topic: Sports PED
What’s Involved: -Sports Players (NFL, Baseball, Boxing, and MMA)
- Performance Enhancement Drugs
- Illegal use of the drugs in Major/National/Professional leagues
Narrowed Topic Focusing on one specific Sport:
- Mix Martial Arts (MMA) and the secret/Silence behind Fighters using PED
What’s involved: - Pure Legitimate fighters with no use of PED Vs. Elite Fighters who use PED
- Brutal fights that are taken to the extreme without any investigation in a fighters background is caught using PED
- Dana White and his role in his fighters taking PED
- GSP’s retirement story regarding PED
Narrowed Topic: Fighters use of PED leads to GSP’s retirement

What Do I know: -Dana White doesn’t take responsibility in making sure his fighters are pure
-Fighters being too afraid to speak their minds about PED because they’re afraid
of the consequences that they may face
- GSP deciding his retirement after speaking publicly about an ongoing issue in
the UFC about fighters using PED
- The question about PED isn’t brought up very often regarding fighters in the
UFC, and it should be, because the sport is too brutal

My Perspective of someone.

How does someone affect your perception of that person? What happened?

My current roommates kind of made me change the way I look at them. Not necessarily in a very negative way but it’s not in a good way either (if that makes any sense). Before we decided that it would be completely AWESOME to move in together and become roommates, I thought everything would be perfect for us to room together since we both enjoyed the same hobbies and actually have the same major. I’m like a neat freak and he’s more like a messy freak. After months of living together, I figured that he wasn’t very responsible either, because his part of the bill payment didn’t go through because he didn’t have the funds, and he didn’t let me know about it either which made the situation worse because we got charged for it. After believing that it would be completely awesome to live together, it turned out that it was more of a disaster than something I’d enjoy. The apartment was hard to keep clean, and our friendship sort of changed. I mean, we’re still great friends because we play sports and do activities together but I came to a conclusion that a friend isn’t just really what I look into for a roommate, because it can completely change your perspective on that person when you live with them.


What does Family mean to me?
Y? Because family means everything.

What is your concept of family?
Family in my culture means more to me than anything or anyone else. Family brings together the love and support that we have for one another. They are the ones I can lean on when times get rough and the ones I can have the most fun with when times are joyful. They are the ones in my life that makes it complete. They are the ones that shape the way I am today.

Memories that shape me relating to Family..
Some memories that linger on in my life that shaped the way my life is today are my parents past life living in a poor country, and finally getting the chance to come to America and live a happy life that would allow them to be able to support us and provide the needs for us such as shelter, food and clothes. Not to mention the long lectures that they would give, shouting and screaming at us about the importance of education, support/help, love of family and most important of all, culture. Moments like these really shaped my point of view of life and has got me where I am today, that is I’m still striving for success with my educational career. I stay in connection with all my family members and support them in anyway possible. And to continue the culture of the Hmong people within my generation.

Football Tackle #80

It was my senior year in High School. I was a Varsity Football Player at the time playing as a cornerback and a slot receiver at Minneapolis Roosevelt High School. I was only 5 foot 4 inches tall weighing in at 115-120 lbs. My High School was known as one of the worst footballs in our conference. In fact, we were second to last overall. I was fortunate enough to get to play varsity because no one in the school wanted to come play for the team. At the time, I was dating my girlfriend who would come and support me every game that season, and would always take pictures and videos during the game. As she continued to take photos during my games, she managed to get a beautiful shot of me tackling one of the best running backs in our conference on a blitz play. I WAS SURPRISED, I WAS ABLE TO MAKE THE TACKLE.

On this particular play, I was playing on defense as a cornerback and my job was to blitz the quarterback. On the other hand, offense decided to run the ball instead of passing it. So as I blitzed the quarterback, he handed the ball off to the running back, and I was there in time to make one of my most highlighted tackles in all of my High School football career. It was the best moment because he was a top running back in our conference.


Find a state: Wisconsin
Nickname: Wacker Heads
Motto: Backward
                Wisconsin is the 30th state to enter the Union in 1948 bordering north of Texas and south of Canada with approximately five million Cheese heads living in the state. Not to mention that they also own an NFL team known as the Green Bay Wackers. This is how they received their nickname by combining the two. Green Bay is the Capital of Wisconsin where many war heroes lived such as WWII Flying Ace Richard Bong and WWII General, Douglas MacArthur.  With 14,000 lakes throughout the state of Wisconsin, about half of them run through twenty other states. Wisconsin is known for their alcohol selling every day of the week, including SUNDAYS! Not to mention hunting with Brett Favre is a plus, of course everyone knows his accuracy of shooting is a hundred times better than throwing a football.